If you are a resident of the U.S.A., then you must have come across this internet service provider, COX. Here, we are sure that some of you are aware of why this internet service brand is buzzing all over the country, while for some of you it could be a new trend catching hype. 


To make this puzzling scenario clear and to give a clear image of this leading internet service provider, here we will share a detailed review of why COX is the best T.V. internet provider all over the U.S.A. 


What is COX Brand & What It Provides? 

The COX is one of the reliable brands that provides high-end broadband communications services, the Unique Selling Point of the brand is that it allows for high-speed internet at reasonable prices. COX is one of the largest private telecom companies serving throughout the U.S. 

COX makes it easy for customers to make a subscription to digital videos, home security, automation assistance, and home phone. Recently, this leading telecom firm has expanded its customer parameter to six million and is now serving 19 states in total, which is marked as one of the victorious moves. 

The brand is known as the best internet service provider as it offers premium quality fiber optic internet to all of its customers. Currently, the brand provides around 30,000 miles of services named “Metro Fiber.” 

COX Is Rated 4 Out Of 5 For Robust Services 

The year 2021 marked COX as the best TV internet service provider while it scored four ratings out of 5, which its customers initiated. In a nutshell, the brand is positioned as the second-best place for Cable Internet Providers and the most reliable brand for Fiber Internet services. The brand insights also showed that it is the preference for game lovers and professionals who are likely to spend most of their time on systems. 

Another research was performed by the F.C.C. that revealed that COX had earned a reputation in the market via assisting customers with the speedy internet services that too in reasonable packages. The brand offers five different tiers of internet speed. 

Upgraded Router with Speedy Internet 

Cox is offering an updated mesh whole-home WiFi router at the cost of $12 in all of its internet packages. The brand has launched a unique internet service named Mesh WiFi that helps users manage all dead ends of the home and use the internet throughout. This feature which is technically called Panoramic WiFi is the only cable modem that the brand offers on rent.

However, the brand also permits users to use personal equipment if someone is not willing to pay extra for the device. 

It can be said that when it comes to providing better customer services, the COX always manages to make customers satisfied at the utmost level. 

COX Covers 19 States at Once

The premium internet brand serves customers of 19 states that count on; Nebraska, California, Georgia, and many other significant states. The brand is making cable internet more widely accessible than fiber internet. However, there are some states where there is either fiber internet or cable internet whereas, in some other states, both are accessible; hence, the customers may have to take the company’s representative in the loop.


Overall, the COX has five types of internet bundles available, while the cheapest one starts from the price of $29.99/month for 12 months that delivers 25 Mbps, while the completely expensive internet package that the brand offers costs $99.99/month for 12 months that provides 940 Mbps. The price is discounted by $10/month, as an incentive for the sign-up agreement.


Another plan is termed “StraightUp Prepaid,” which costs $50 each month and requires 25 Mbps downloading speed, and comes with a modem. So, here we cannot resist saying that it has become one of the best options for people looking for the best internet packages with no hidden cost.

Detailed Internet Package Review

Internet Bundle#1: This one is for those ready to get their hands on three devices at once. The offered package is more than enough to stream videos, send emails, or browse on websites with one or maybe sometimes with two devices. However, this plan also gives around 25 Mbps download speed within $29.99/month. If this doesn’t make a steal for you all, then we wonder what else will. 

Internet Bundle#2: It could be a choice for people with a small family or someone with limited internet usage. This plan could be a suitable choice for those who consume the internet for entertainment purposes only. The plan costs $39.99/month with 3 Mbps uploading speed if you subscribe for a year plan.

Internet Bundle#3: This is for families with a gaming culture or more social life. Around seven devices can be connected to this package, also known as the premium package. In case you are more into the gaming world then, this internet package is for you. The package comes with a download speed of 150 Mbps, and the best thing is, it eliminates half of the downloading time on Xbox. Moreover, if you invite your friends, don’t worry about the download speed because the package supports around seven to eight devices at once. 

Internet Bundle#4: Well, this one is ideal and especially custom for people who do work-from-home or are more into internet learning. The best thing about this package is that up to nine devices can be connected on this one without impacting the download speed. However, on this, a mandatory upgrade is required if the internet usage is excessive. At the same time, the package supports smooth video streaming, quick download speed, and massive data limit. What else one needs than internet with good speed. 

Internet Package#5: If you have an advanced lifestyle, this is your call because this package goes straight to homes with unlimited users and an intelligent way of living. Apart from this, it could be an ideal choice for businesses. This fiber internet plan will assist all of the bases even in a scenario where 4Kor around 8K of video streaming is required. The package facilitates users with live streaming and heavy downloading and supports multiple devices at a time. You can get all of this just for $99.99/month. 

COX Offers Premium Internet Speed 

No, it is not the internet package only but also the speed limit that comes with variations. The COX provides the best internet packages with a superior downloading speed. While the fastest one has been named ‘Gigablast,’ where the brand offers 940 Mbps download speed and around 35 Mbps uploading speed. This one is custom for people who are more involved in the tech world or business persons with heavy online trafficking. 

Offer Special Bundles in Affordable Prices 

Apart from its monthly internet packages, the brand has also strategized internet bundles designed diversely for smart T.V., smartphones and to cover basic internet needs. However, the specialized bundle covers HVAC control, lighting, and home security. To subscribe to specialized bundles, users need to make a year contract with the brand. These specialized bundles include: 

Specialized Bundle-1: Internet and T.V. streaming packages start at $56.99 per month. It includes the rental of Cox’s Panoramic WiFi Gateway and Contour T.V. streaming player (with voice remote control) to access streaming services. For more investment (starting at $129.99 per month), cable T.V. packages can also be added. 

Specialized Bundle-2: Internet, cable TV bundles with an initial price of $149.99 a month encompass one top-rated channel for the prior year, along with regular cable TV. Get your hands on streaming media, and one DVR.

Specialized Bundle-3: Bring Homelife in your internet connection and T.V. bundle with the starting cost of $209.99 a month for 12 months. With the subscription, get a safety camera, door/window sensor, and intelligent bulb for with an additional charge of $20 a month, plus upload 24/7 expert tracking for a further fee.

Bottom Line 

Apart from all the reasons why COX is the best internet service provider in the U.S.A., satisfied customer services are still on the top of the list. If you haven’t got your hands on this exceptional internet provider then, subscribe for the benefits now and thank us later!