You may be confused by the vast number of options available during the design process, from Custom bronze and stainless steel to Ultra-narrow stiles and Power assist modes. Read on to learn about the various options available and what to expect when choosing a Dawson door. In addition, here are some tips for you to consider:

Custom stainless steel

If you need custom-made stainless steel doors, look no further than Dawson Doors. This family-owned business has been creating architectural products and metal fabrications since 1946. With clientele in the U.S. and abroad, Dawson Doors in Dawson doors New York designs and fabricates architectural products to meet your specifications. Quality is their highest priority, and they focus on finishing the highest-quality products possible. 

Custom bronze

A family-owned business since 1946, Dawson Metal Products manufactures architectural and metal fabrications. Their custom and standard products serve a national and international clientele. Every project is custom designed and crafted by experts in their field, ensuring that only the highest-quality products and finishes are used. This focus on quality extends beyond their doors to include a variety of architectural and metal fabrications. As a result, their work is admired around the world, from prestigious buildings to small, family-owned businesses.

Custom ultra-narrow stile

Ultra-narrow stile doors offer a sophisticated glass-door appearance with their vertical sightline. Factory-glazed in bronze or monolithic glass, these doors feature an attractive recessed panel design with standard center pivoted hardware. Each Ultra-narrow stile door is custom-engineered to meet the most demanding design requirements. In addition, each door is made from corrosion-resistant materials. So whether you’re installing a new door in your kitchen or bathroom, ultra-narrow stile doors are the answer.

Power assist mode

If you are using a Dawson door operator, you should know the power assist mode. This mode is a handy feature, as it allows you to reduce the amount of force required to open the door. The operator also includes an internal clutch and brake system. Dawson doors are made with bronze and stainless steel castings, but it is not recommended to use bronze cast arms on stainless steel doors, as these will oxidize and require costly maintenance. To avoid this problem, Dawson uses self-aligning needle bearings on all pivots. In addition, 1.9″ steel tubes are used for the arms.

One-piece guide box

Dawson’s Record 8100 series operator uses an internal clutch/brake system and a power assist mode to decrease the force required to open the door. Dawson manufactures stainless steel and bronze castings to match the door material for its guide boxes. If you choose bronze cast arms for your doors, they will oxidize and require expensive maintenance. Dawson’s product incorporates all controls into the header and is easy to install. The stainless steel guide box also includes a trim plate that matches the frame material.

One-piece header

A one-piece header with Dawson doors is a very common option for modifying your vehicle’s exhaust system, and these types of headers feature a welded steel construction and are available in various styles. The only difference between a Dawson one-piece header and a competitor’s one-piece is the type of guide box used in the installation. While competitors typically use a steel tube hinge shaft that is only 1.75″ in diameter, Dawson’s patented one-piece stainless steel guide box is 50 percent stronger and twice as rigid. Dawson also incorporates a trim plate to match the frame’s material. This integrated design houses all controls and protects against dirt and grime.

High-traffic construction

In addition to the many projects Dawson has worked on, he has also developed unique products that help ensure the durability of doors. For example, the National Museum of African American History and Culture opened in September 2016 with over 2 million visitors. Dawson was commissioned to help construct the doors for this high-traffic structure. The museum was looking for an attractive and durable door to serve as the entryway into the building. This project was a good fit for the Ultra Narrow Stile Balanced door.