Your website needs to reach to every corner of the world, where it can serve all potential clients. No matter what type of business you have but a website is a must, as it gives seriousness to your business. The professional website must always be easily reachable and accessible to everyone. So, to solve all your website related problems you need to have a trusted web hosting partner.

You must be thinking why do I need a trusted web hosting partner when everything about my website is looked by me?  Let’s see how it is related.

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is an internet service, in which users website gets stored on a server. This server provides all the unlimited hosting resources like CPU, RAM, bandwidth, and storage space to keep the website running on the internet. The process of storing a website on the server and making it accessible over the internet is known as web hosting.

Types of web hosting :

To host (store) a website on a server, you can select any hosting type depending on the site’s requirements. If you are a newbie we would advise you to talk to a web hosting provider, about which type of hosting will be beneficial for you. Below are the commonly used hosting types and also you can choose other types like WordPress hosting, cloud hosting, Magento hosting, etc. 


1) Shared hosting :

In this type of hosting, multiple websites are stored on a single server, where they share the same resources. This hosting is mainly used by personal bloggers, or a few web pages sites.

2) Dedicated hosting :

As the name says, in dedicated hosting, a user gets dedicated (only for his use) server space. All resources are also separately allocated to it, and no sharing is done. This is used for sites with highly sensitive data like bank’s site.

3) VPS hosting :

VPS hosting is a mixture of shared and dedicated hosting. That means, in VPS hosting, multiple websites get hosted on a server but, every website gets separate hosting resources. Thus, VPS hosting is highly used by growing websites.

4) Reseller hosting :

Reseller hosting allows its users to gain further sell the recourses to its customers. Yes, as a user you can buy this web hosting from a merchant and sell it to your customers at a profitable amount. Reseller hosting option is suitable for people, those wants to start their own web hosting company. Or you can try BudgetVM for your needs.

You can choose any web hosting type, that can fulfill the site’s requirements. Apart from these, you can ask for cloud hosting, Magento hosting, etc. if the provider has it in its store.

Now, let’s look at web hosting features that grow your business.

1) SSL certificate :

SSL certificate protects the data been transferred between server and site visitors. During the online transaction, the sensitive data gets referred like ATM number, customer’s name, address, bank PIN, etc. it is the site owner’s responsibility to keep all this information safe. SSL certificate also helps in ranking the website on search engine results. When the search engine finds that the information is secured, then it automatically ranks the site of a higher order.

2)  SSD storage :

Hard drives are very outdated storage drives. The website hosted on such drives takes a long time to speed up. Instead, websites hosted on SSD storage perform at blazing fast speed. The fast performing site reduces loading speed and thus increases user time.

3) Scalability :

Online business gets very unpredictable visitors. Sometimes, the traffic increases exponentially, or sometimes it may get a decrease. A website must be able to handle all these sudden spikes without failing. The scalability of resources is a best web hosting solution. Where users can upscale resources during heavy traffic and can downscale resources during less traffic.

4) Security :

Security is the most important parameter of a website. Securing a site from cyber attacks, malware, and other types of viruses should be a prime focus of web hosting providers. A malware-free website has the potential to gain the trust of its visitors by making it safe to browse. Make sure your hosting provider keeps check on all it’s the server on a daily basis and removes all kinds of threats immediately.

7) Support :

Getting a website ready and taking it online is very easy, but, the real work starts after that. A website can face various problems when it is hosted on a server, and it may become a headache for you to resolve the queries every now and then. Also, if you are not a tech-savvy person, then handling it might get difficult. That’s the reason you need continuous technical support, which can look after the backend of a site. As the website works 24/7, your technical team must support you 24/7.

8) Latest Software :

Outdated software is a ticket for malware. The latest and updated versions of software like PHP and MySQL always come with strong features to keep a website secure. As soon as any hacker learns tricks to crack the old version, this software comes with new releases, leaving hackers and viruses behind. So, automatic updating of such software can grow your business effortlessly.

Many a time, people think, that web hosting is just a service and doesn’t have any importance on their online business. But, most of the time they are wrong. Infact, web hosting is the root of your online business which helps it to grow.

Bottom Line :

Web hosting has unlimited features and facilities like SSL certificate, software updating techniques, SSD storage, panels to check site performance, etc. If you use everything properly, then your business grows rapidly and enjoys its share in the digital world.