GPS-based asset tracking devices offer cellular and satellite communication, ensuring accurate and timely information about assets. They are rugged enough to withstand sub-zero temperatures and explosive environments. They have a long battery life to ensure that the device stays connected to its owner. They are also designed to last for many years to withstand a wide range of environmental conditions. And because most assets are moved via intermodal containers, GPS-based devices will not degrade over time.

Keep track of your fleet and monitor your inventory remotely

Modern asset tracking devices also include environmental monitoring. It helps organizations make better decisions about preventative maintenance. By knowing the location of assets, organizations can avoid costly downtime and unnecessary replacements. They can also provide peace of mind for employees. Suppose you’re in the business of managing assets. In that case, asset-tracking systems can help you take proactive steps to protect your assets. By installing them, you can keep track of your fleet and even monitor your inventory remotely.


Asset tracking devices come with a variety of features. The link Platform simplifies the asset-management process by enabling configuration changes at scale and keeping firmware up to date. You can install robust, rugged, and battery-powered devices on the asset. For enhanced tracking, you can add GPS-based software for the devices.

Numerous benefits for businesses

Asset tracking systems have numerous benefits for businesses. They can help you protect your business from costly losses by reducing the risk of theft and misplacement. Whether your assets are in storage or the field, a GPS-enabled asset tracking device will help you track them anywhere. There are two main types of GPS-based devices: the AT-5100 and the AT-730. The AT-730 is battery-operated and LTE-enabled, and the AT-5100 is satellite-managed. The AT-5100 and the TT-2830 are GPS-enabled and have a cellular data connection. The TT-2830 is a robust asset tracking device with extensive monitoring functions.

Provide the necessary information to locate the asset at any time

The Tracker mini is a small, lightweight asset tracking device that you can install anywhere: the tracker mini-features rechargeable batteries and an external power option. The system uses geofencing and GPS positioning to ensure the most accurate location. It can provide the necessary information to locate the asset at any time. The system uses geofencing technology to ensure that assets are not left unattended. The GPS-enabled device can also send alerts to other devices to prevent theft.


In addition to GPS tracking, these devices can also monitor internal temperatures. It is particularly useful if your assets are stored in an archive or server room. They can be attached to various objects, such as containers or pallets. They can also be installed in containers and totes. You can install asset-tracking devices in different locations. They have many advantages. They provide real-time information that can assist your company in making decisions and preventing losses.

Track drivers and delivery routes

One of the biggest benefits of GPS tracking is giving you real-time location updates. For large, movable assets, it can be helpful for postal and courier services. This technology can track drivers and delivery routes, making it possible to prevent costly mistakes. Another benefit of the asset GPS is using it with smartphones. RTLS is very useful for postal and courier services. Once installed, it can track assets with GPS.


Unlike most asset tracking devices, GPS devices can work even when they aren’t connected to a power source. Battery life is a key concern for most businesses. A GPS device can save you money by locating mobile assets in real-time. However, if you need to track your assets, investing in a solar asset tracker will be worth it. You can install this technology anywhere in your business. You don’t have to worry about power, which is essential for security and compliance.


A comprehensive asset tracking system consists of software and hardware. The software allows you to track remote assets. The software provides real-time location data and alerts when the assets are moved or cross a geofence boundary. There are also cellular and GPS asset tracking devices that support monitoring and control of remote assets. You can also use these devices to find missing and stolen equipment. It’s important to choose the right system for your needs and budget.