May 19, 2022


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Ugandan company ventures into computer manufacturing

Microfuse Computer Technologies, a Ugandan company has ventured into computer manufacturing by developing a low-cost computer to enable people like students who cannot afford expensive desktops and laptops to get a decent computer for study, work and entertainment.

Speaking at the World Intellectual Property Day Celebrations under the theme; IP AND YOUTH: Innovation for a Better Future, Ivan Karugaba, the Director of Microfuse Technologies, said the device is a low power consumption computer that can enable people like those in remote areas who don’t have or cannot afford sustainable access to electricity be able to get a decent computer for study and business.

The Microfuse computer device

The Microfuse computer device

“It also is a portable computer which can enable people like lecturers and business executives to carry less baggage to classrooms, presentations and executive meetings or work trips,” Karugaba said.

The FuseStick a powerful yet contracted Computer/IPTV streamer is available in three colours with amazing performance and PC boot up in under 4 seconds. Its price starts from sh200,000.

Karugaba said that the stick computer can be attached to a television screen, monitor or projector, connected to a keyboard and a mouse and a person will enjoy everything done by a computer.

“This is not only a Multimedia content streamer but also a computer powerful enough to aid you execute your daily computing applications like Word processing, Powerpoint presentations, emailing, browser use among others,” he said.

The project started in 2016, but Karugaba said the market version was launched in 2020 at the Uganda Industrial Research Institute (UIRI).

“This is a thing which fits in your daily life and fills all your entertainment needs in time. We design every aspect of the product, but we currently have a contractor in China who manufactures for us during this pilot process,” he said.

Karugaba said the project is in its pilot stage and they have already sold over 100 pieces.

He added that through a partnership with the Science, Technology and Innovation department under the office of the President and the Ministry of ICT, the company intends to manufacture at least 80 per cent of the product and increase to 95 per cent by 2024.

“We initiated this product to fill the gap in access to computers by enabling any family with television to have access to a computer. Our products are already in electronics stores around Kampala and can also be accessed via our website,” Karugaba added.

Karugaba called for increased government support in the science and innovation sector to enable them to have their product commercialized.

Dickson Namisi, the of Head the Digital Media Unit at the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology, said one of the first people to buy and use the products commended the innovators for introducing a cheap, reliable, and convenient product.

He said the micro fuse stick enables a person to enjoy all the benefits offered by a computer yet at low cost and with convenience.

“I have so far bought three devices and they are all performing well, I do not have to carry a laptop as long I have access to a monitor or desktop,” he said.

Namisi added that such innovations show how the country has progressed in the area of ICT hence the need for increased support from the government.

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