August 9, 2022


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Tips To Choose Ergonomic Chairs

Most of the officers use the same kind of chairs for all their staff.  Because everybody has different body structures ranging from different heights, the posture of the body while sitting, and variable needs of motion while sitting on the chair,  it has become increasingly important to purchase chairs that suit the employees.

If you are considering to purchase chairs,  that will be the best fit for your work environment,  ergonomic chair back support are what you need. While various adjustment features come with ergonomic chairs,  you need not opt for every feature. This is also because of the fact that the price of the chairs varies a lot depending upon the key features that they have.

Here we have put together a list of ergonomic adjustments that will make your choice of chairs appreciated by all-

  • Seat height adjustment- This is one of the most prominent features that your chair should have.  The seat height adjustment makes sure that the chair is comfortable enough so that your feet rest flat on the floor while you are sitting.
  • Seat depth adjustment- This is not a very common feature that comes with ergonomic chairs but is important for the overall sitting comfort. Ideally, the setup should be 3 to 4 fingers from the back of your knee to the front of your seat pan.
  •  Arm height– This is the first adjustment factor to look for in terms of arm height. This is the most basic and common form of adjustment where your arm is nestled at the right position while typing.  This ensures that there is no stress to your neck back and shoulders.
  • Arm depth and arm pivot– Having a proper arm depth, ensure that your forearms are nicely rested while you are typing.  This feature also helps if you are sitting in a corner seat and working on a keyboard. Arm pivot adjustments are also added to provide additional support to the forearms while typing.
  • Adjustable lumbar– while this is the most important feature to look for in an ergonomic chair, adjustable lumber provides adequate support to the upper and lower back.  The different adjustability mode also ensures that anybody can sit on the chair comfortably by being able to adjust the backrest of the chair along their backbone.
  • Tilt Lock– Depending upon your position at the work desk a multi-point tilt lock Can be a good feature to be added to your chair. This feature allows you to lock the chair at various building positions including when upright.  Most of the chairs have up to 4 tilt lock positions.

Here’s a list of 10 best ergonomic chairs to opt from:

  1. Steelcase Leap
  2. Autonomous Ergo chair 2
  3. Autonomous Kinn office chair
  4. Zipcode mesh chair
  5. Autonomous Myo Chair ergonomic
  6. Tempur-pedic TP9000
  7. Herman Miller
  8. Modway Articulate Mesh chair
  9. Tivoca ergonomic chair
  10. La-Z-Boy Trafford ergonomic chair

The bottom line is being able to adjust a chair as per your sitting comfort is extremely important in the long run to take care of your back.