This Week In Techdirt History: June 17th – 23rd

ByPhyllis R. Edwards

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5 Many years In the past

This 7 days in 2017, we hit the deadline on the FCC’s remark time period about rolling back again net neutrality rules, and released Techdirt’s submission. We also appeared at how AT&T tricked its buyers into opposing web neutrality, and Comcast’s silly endeavor to say killing the guidelines was vital to help sick and disabled men and women, when Ron Wyden was telling Ajit Pai to quit lying about his own comments on net neutrality. And irrespective of supposedly becoming a stickler for transparency, Pai refused to launch issues about web neutrality difficulties, and also wouldn’t launch information to support its assert that a DDoS attack (not John Oliver’s present) brought down its web site.

10 A long time Back

This 7 days in 2012, Mexico’s IP office astonished its anti-ACTA congress by signing the offer anyway. A patent troll introduced an assault on Fb, Amazon, Oracle, LinkedIn and numerous additional, when we seemed at how the patent struggle in excess of speech units was undertaking genuine damage (not unlike how the US’s secrecy was holding up a treaty to assistance the visually impaired obtain copyrighted functions), and a pretty old antitrust lawsuit more than Windows 95 was eventually dismissed.

Fifteen Many years Back

This 7 days in 2007, the Hd DVD and Blu-ray camps ended up warring around who had the largest share of a however-little market place, Obvious Channel was making an attempt to use the XM-Sirius merger to get looser procedures for its individual acquisitions, and Google was using one more swing at its endeavor to get into the print advertising small business (though Congress was having a nearer glimpse at its acquisition of Doubleclick). Meanwhile, the MPAA was opposing net neutrality on the grounds that it would hamper anti-piracy endeavours, the RIAA was making an attempt to get out of shelling out some lawful charges, and a Russian court claimed Visa could not slice off payments for AllofMP3.

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