A baguette sits diagonally across a wooden cutting board. Above it sits an Arduino and an electronics breadboard.

Theremins are a bit of an odd instrument to start off with, but [AphexHenry] made a decision to place a single the place no theremin has absent before: into a baguette.

The “baguetophone” is a theremin and piezo-percussion instrument inside a hollowed-out baguette. Beginning with a Diy theremin tutorial from Academy of Media Arts Cologne, [AphexHenry] extra some spice with a piezo pickup inside of the baguette to functionality as a percussion instrument. 1 mentioned draw back of squeezing the instrument into this sort of an unconventional enclosure is that the antenna doesn’t reply as perfectly as it could possibly with a far more common arrangement. Outputs from the piezo and antenna are operate via Max/MSP on a laptop or computer to switch the bread into a MIDI controller. Like quite a few Do it yourself theremins, it seems that this develop neglects the quantity antenna, but there is no reason you couldn’t insert a single. Possibly disguised as a piece of cheese?

Outdoors smuggling an instrument into a French café for a flash mob efficiency, this could also show useful if you are somebody who will get hungry while participating in songs. We do not advise snacking on the Arduino even if it is ROHS compliant while.

If you want to find out extra about how theremins do the job, look at out Theremin in Detail. Just after that, you could possibly want to look through all of our theremin content articles or glance at this task wherever they utilised a 555 alternatively.

https://www.youtube.com/check out?v=u-UH1h7Y6p8

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