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Vivo has just released its newest smartphone to be marketed in Asian countries, namely Vivo V19 which is the latest generation or successor to the Vivo V17 Pro which was released in September 2019. Then are there differences in the specifications of the Vivo V17 Pro and V19?

What is clear is that there are differences between these 2 smartphones, because indeed if it is called the successor and the latest generation, it must have the latest specifications and technology in it. And of course there are similarities in several sectors that Vivo maintains. Well, here are the differences in the specifications of the Vivo V17 Pro and V19:

Vivo V17 Pro and V19 specifications

The following are some of the differences and similarities that the Vivo V17 Pro and Vivo V19 smartphones have:

will explain the slight difference in performance on these two smartphones. For the processor sector, it has something in common, namely using Qualcomm Snapdragon 675AIE Octa-core which is able to provide smooth performance and low power consumption. Well, the only difference is in the internal memory.

If the Vivo V17 Pro camera is more innovative even though it only presents 1 type, namely 8GB RAM and 128GB Internal Memory, so the choice is to just the color design, whether it’s satin black or silk white. While on the Vivo V19 smartphone, there are 2 choices of 8GB RAM types and 128GB or 256GB internal memory. Then the differences are also presented for the color design, both have 2 color choices but different for the v19 it comes with Arctic Blue and Crystal White colors.

The operating system also has a difference, this is because it is from the Android itself that has presented the latest OS in 2020. The V17 Pro still comes with Android 9 while the V19 already uses Android 10.