August 16, 2022


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The Best Smart Bottles You Need for Your Next Trip!

Table of Contents

  • HidrateSpark STEEL Smart Water Bottle
  • Joseph Joseph Dot Hydration-Tracking Water Bottle
  • Thermos 24 Ounce Hydration Bottle with Connected Smart Lid
  • Coffee thermos, Coffee bottle, Tea Infuser Bottle, Smart Sports Water Bottle

Thanks to the many intelligent features smart bottles have, you will get a lot of help from them in remaining hydrated and on track of your health even when busy on a road trip. People tend to lose track of time while traveling by road, and reduced water intake is perhaps the first thing to happen. Staying connected should not be an issue while on the go. Cellular data plans and portable mobile hotspots are a few ways to stay connected and make the most out of your smart bottle while on a trip by road or any other way.

The only challenge is to find a bottle that has the most amazing features.

  1. HidrateSpark STEEL Smart Water Bottle

This smart bottle by HidrateSpark is perhaps the best-selling one out there, thanks to its features like LED smart sensors and a variety of sizes. You get to choose the size, so you go for the one that best matches your convenience. There are also 2 lid options, between chug or straw. The bottle itself is made with durable materials, thick stainless steel vacuum insulation that helps maintain the temperature of your water for long durations. The bottle has a glowing ring at the bottom that basically acts as an indicator when you need to drink water. The glow ring and its color can be controlled easily from the mobile app that comes along. The app can be integrated with your friends and family. There are interesting challenges, tasks, and milestones to keep you motivated to drink your water frequently.

  1. Joseph Joseph Dot Hydration-Tracking Water Bottle

Available in 6 colors and 2 sizes, this smart bottle is perfect for tracking water intake closely. It has a unique yet simple water tracking “dot” system, where one dot is equal to 1 completely full bottle drunk. The bottle is made with impact-resistant plastic, so it’s ideal for adventurous people, who will most likely stop on their way to trek or take some innovative pictures in the middle of nowhere. It’s an only possible drawback is that it comes with a straw nozzle through which you drink. You don’t have an option to drink water without the star.

  1. Thermos 24 Ounce Hydration Bottle with Connected Smart Lid

Some people are very picky and careful about the temperature of their water. If that’s the case with you, then this smart bottle by thermos is amazing. The bottle lets you check the temperature in real-time, updating it as soon as any changes occur. It is monitored by the Thermos Smart Lid mobile app that is compatible with both iOS and Android. The app can be used to log in your personal data so that accurate measures such as how much water you need and when you can drink it can be adjusted. You will be able to set hydration goals and the bottle will monitor your progress. This smart bottle’s most significant feature is its compatibility with the Fitbit wearable. Just connect it with your Fitbit app and let all the data get in sync, so you have your own complete set of health and fitness monitoring.

  1. Coffee thermos, Coffee bottle, Tea Infuser Bottle, Smart Sports Water Bottle

There are many coffee addicts amongst us. They cannot practically function or do tasks like pack for this trip or drive the car without a strong cup of coffee multiple times a day. However, having hot brewing coffee while on the road, or being able to track your caffeine intake can be difficult manually. This is why you need to automate your experience and switch to the TLINNA tea and coffee smart bottle. The most notable feature is that the bottle is double-walled, so not only does it ensure good temperature maintenance, but also protects your hand from the heat. You can keep your beverage hot or cold for up to 24 hours. You can simply check the temperature on the digital screen on the lid.

Wrapping it Up!

Smart technology such as smart bottles do require a good internet connection, so they can perform up to their full potential. Don’t compromise on your choice of internet, and try getting onboard high-speed cable or fiber internet. On the go, especially on the road, fiber internet is difficult to find. In such cases, opt for mobile data or public Wi-Fi hotspots to frequently keep your data on the smart bottle up to date. Do your research well, and consider it as part of your trip’s preparation. Search for “cheap internet near me” and subscribe to any provider that is affordable and also accommodates your traveling needs. For further assistance about public hotspots and on-the-go internet connectivity, you can speak to a professional at BuyTVInternetPhone any time!