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SEO refers to implementing marketing measures to display the information that search users are looking for at the top of the search results by optimizing the homepage to “conveniently posted the information that search users are looking for.”The official reading of SEO is “SEO”, but the synonymous terms are “search engine optimization” or web positioning, Google top display, search top display, theo, etc. Sometimes called.Ideally, this Servicio de SEO para mi empresa measure will allow search engines to read information easily and appropriately without misunderstandings, and optimize it to deliver the information it needs to the users who need it.

By performing SEO, search users can find the places where the desired information is more prominent, such as “top search results”, “top search results on Google Maps”, “highly emphasized snippets”, “top recruitment information listings”, etc. It is easier to get information by being displayed at the top of.Therefore, companies and organizations are competing for marketing advantages in SEO, aiming to be displayed at the top of search results and in prominent places.

Create a page that clearly and accurately meets the needs of the user’s search keywords (both explicitly and implicitly).

The key to SEO is to provide the information that searchers are looking for on the page in a generous, easy-to-understand, and polite manner. Pages that contain useful information or supplementary information for users are evaluated by SEO. Explicit means that it is actually written as text or text, but suggestive means that it is not written as text, but considering the opposite of expressions, phrases, and what is written. Become. It is information that is not written, but is expressed as an implicit understanding.

The page title, description, and topic of each paragraph correspond to the keywords you want to display at the top.If the outline (topic structure) of the page does not match the keyword, it is difficult to be evaluated by that keyword, so you can understand that each of the page title, description, and the content explained on the page wants to convey the countermeasure keyword. The unified information makes it easier to be evaluated by SEO.

On the other hand, if the content of the title, description, headline, and explanation is not unified, it may not be evaluated as incoherent content.Information that can be conveniently used by site visitors is posted and summarized.It should be organized so that people with the same problems can easily use it over and over again.If it is easy to print, it is organized in a table, and it is explained in an easy-to-understand video, it will be evaluated as SEO.

If there is no sitemap.xml (sitemap) or there is a URL that is not listed in sitemap.xml (sitemap), the evaluation of the site may be affected.Specifically, if you send it with the fields of priority (priority: priority / * There is information that Google does not emphasize it) and lastmod (last mod / last modify: last update date), the priority will be high. If lastmod is newer than the last processing date (crawl date), it will be crawled preferentially.

Site map type:

(1) XML site map

(2) Text site map

How to give a page title that is strong against SEO;

Here’s how to give a page title that is strong against SEO. Make sure that the main theme + sub-theme + operator name is used.If the page title does not include the operator name, the following phenomena may occur.

1. It becomes easier to be treated as a similar site with the same theme as other sites

2. Since the editor in charge and contact information are unknown, it is easy to be treated as unreliable.There is a high possibility that such a bad effect will occur.

Please refer to the following example for an example of how to give a good title, which is the goal of SEO.Example: “Price / Market” to outsource “SEO”: SEO service Find-A.

Commentary: The “SEO” part of the above example is an important keyword that is the main theme of the page content. (The “” brackets are emphasized for clarity, but the brackets are not actually used.) After that, I am interested in the word SEO for “price / market price”. As one of the needs of those who are thinking about using SEO, it is thought that there are many people who are thinking about using SEO, such as “How much can SEO be obtained and / or implemented?” Information that answers various questions (or needs).