Rubber Stamping Your Way To Custom PCBs

A lot of of us now outsource PCB manufacturing to board properties abroad, which provide superior-high-quality boards with more and more amazing turnaround moments. You may possibly even now brew up your personal PCB, though, and a reader located this good previous hack from [William Hare] that may possibly be well worth a seem.

Neglect toner transfer or marker pens — this build is all about pace. [William] resolved to use a rubber stamp to immediately transfer ink to a copper board that can then be etched to create a PCB. It’s uncomplicated and simple adequate. We’ve employed the similar strategy for silkscreen and pad art, but hardly ever as an etch resist.

The trick is to make quite a few rubber stamps with different circuit features, nevertheless. The genius component is that you can then assemble a PCB by simply stamping down the several circuit components you require. The boards will nevertheless need to be drilled if you’re operating with by-gap elements, but tipster [Shri] notes that the approach is tremendous helpful for making single-sided floor mount boards.

We’ve observed some other distinctive approaches to developing PCBs at household, these kinds of as utilizing a 3D printer to assist out. If you’ve bought your own innovative homebrew PCB hacks, be absolutely sure to drop us a line!

Thanks [Shri Hari Ram] for the idea!

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