October 6, 2022


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Restoring $5 Busted Synthesizer Made Easy, Thanks To Thermal


[D. Scott Williamson] compensated $5 for a Roland JV-30 synthesizer at a garage sale. Rating! There was only 1 catch: it did not get the job done and did not contain the power provide. Fortunately, restoring it was manufactured less difficult by breaking out a thermal digital camera.

As pointed out, the keyboard was missing a 9 VDC electrical power offer (rated 800 mA) with a centre-damaging barrel connector. A little oddball, but nothing an enterprising hacker simply cannot offer with. Soon after giving ability with a bench provide, not only did the keyboard not appear to lifestyle, but the energy offer clamped the recent draw at 1.5 A! Some thing was absolutely not proper.

This shorted glass-bodied diode may possibly search usual to the naked eye, but thermal imaging helps make it distinct something’s amiss.

Within, there was no seen (or olfactory) indicator of problems, but hunting closer uncovered that a minor SMT capacitor by the electrical power connector was cracked in two. Fixing that didn’t deliver the keyboard to daily life, so it was time to crack out the thermal imager. One thing was soaking up all that current, and it’s a good bet that something is obtaining scorching in the course of action.

The offender? The reverse polarity protection diode was shorted, most likely as a final result of damage by an inappropriate power source or a surge of some type. Replacing it resulted in a doing work keyboard! Not undesirable at all for $5, a diode, an SMT cap, and a minimal workbench time. The finishing touch was replacing a missing slider knob, which took some operate in OpenSCAD and a 3D printer. Over-all, not negative!

Thermal imaging utilised to be the things of staggering rate tags, but it is downright obtainable these times, and makes it quick to spot things that are scorching when they shouldn’t be. And if a thermal camera’s lens is not what you imagine it must be? It’s even attainable for a sufficiently enthusiastic and experienced hacker to modify individuals.


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