June 26, 2022


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Outdoor Advertising untuk Promosi Telemedicine dan Aplikasi Kesehatan - The  Perfect Media

Outdoor advertising solves a number of problems that the usual advertising on TV, in print media, on the radio, on the Internet does not always cope with. Why? They switch it over, leaf through it, treat it like an annoying fly that you want to get rid of as soon as possible. It interferes with watching an interesting program, communicating on social networks, listening to music. Outdoor advertising works differently. This is the best way to tell potential buyers about yourself. When they walk around the city, drive their car along the road, they must pay attention to the bright lightbox, attractive billboard. Even if the name is not remembered from the first time, then on the second and third time it is obligatory. Therefore, the first goal is brand awareness. The memorability of outdoor advertising is much higher. Information is presented briefly, so it is easier to perceive than, for example, a video 15-20 seconds long. One glance is enough to understand what kind of product or service we are talking about. Billboard ads,Creates the image of a company, enterprise, store. Example: if a supermarket regularly posts information about discounts, promotions, then it is perceived as a store with low prices, high-quality products. In addition, if people around you see that the information on billboards (for example) is regularly updated, then we are talking about a successful company that can afford advertising costs. Increases the number of sales by increasing the flow of buyers. Let’s say you ordered a sign for a legal agency, some billboards. If necessary, the potential client will remember where he saw the name and contacts, he will not think about looking for other specialists. The main advantage is that it cannot be toggled or closed like a browser tab.

The economic goals of advertising:

Promotional events, sales support and sales promotion, public relations are all some kind of investment. And as from any investment, the company wants to receive income.Objectives that cannot be verified will not fulfill a managerial function. Even at the stage of goal setting, choose the tools that will measure the degree of their achievement.The main indicators of advertising performance are revenue and profit. These concepts are not identical. Advertising revenue is an ad-driven change in sales, and advertising revenue is the difference between revenue and ad spend. Both measures of ad campaign success are problematic for many reasons.

Typically, companies use more than advertising to boost sales to boost sales. Therefore, according to the indicators of changes in sales, it is impossible to accurately determine whether only the methods of the advertising campaign contributed to this.In addition, you cannot evaluate the effectiveness of advertising without taking into account time. A customer who saw an advertisement today can buy the advertised product or service only when he needs it. Therefore, you need to remember that sales growth will not start immediately after the start of the advertising campaign, and take into account the displacement of its action.In addition, the advertised product or service is not the only type of product that the company produces or provides. So advertising can help increase the sales of other related products and services.


It should be noted that all goals are successfully achieved if outdoor advertising is competently developed by professionals in their field. Cowboy Art has already completed more than 6,000 projects for companies and enterprises. What’s the secret? The initial information about the company, its features is carefully studied, the main aspects are highlighted in it. Based on the data received, the wishes of the customer, a layout is created, which is submitted for approval. Changes are made if necessary. The work is carried out on time. If we add affordable prices to this. Own production reduces manufacturing costs and intermediary services. This means that you get a high-quality project implementation without overpayments.