May 25, 2022


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Berita Online Advertising Terbaru Hari Ini - Info Komputer

There are three main types of advertisements in the world: “mass advertisements,” “net advertisements,” and “SP advertisements.” There are various types of advertising media for each type, and finding the most suitable advertising medium can be very costly. This time, we will introduce the types of advertisements, their advantages and disadvantages, and the market price.Although traditional advertisements are overwhelming: well-crafted advertisements on TV, alluring slogans on the radio, copies of promotional materials stuffed into newspaper boxes or at the door, etc., however, this Because of the lack of targeting and classification, such advertisements have little effect. The biggest feature of online advertising lies in its directional nature. Online advertising can not only face all Internet users, but also can determine the target market for advertising based on audience users. For example, companies that produce cosmetics whose ads are mainly targeted at women. Billboard advertising online advertisements were placed on websites . In this way, through the Internet, the appropriate information can be sent to the appropriate people at the appropriate time to achieve the targeting of advertisements. From a marketing point of view, this is an ideal one-to-one marketing method, which matches users who may become buyers and valuable information.

What kind of ads are there?

Online advertising:

Advertisements posted on homepages, blogs, emails, apps, etc. on the Internet. There are advertisements that use text, images, videos, etc. Clicking on the advertisement will take you to the advertiser’s site or campaign page.

Mass advertising:

Advertisements that appear on TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, etc. This is an advertisement for “mass” aimed at an unspecified number of viewers and readers, and informs people who are viewing images, voices, characters, photographs, etc. alone or in combination of products and services.

SP advertising:

Called a sales promotion ad, it is an ad that focuses on increasing purchasing motivation and promoting purchasing behavior. This includes direct mail, leaflets, enclosed advertisements, membership magazine advertisements, traffic advertisements, etc.

Affiliate advertising:

It is an advertisement to be placed on the affiliate site. Advertising costs will be incurred when the results set by the advertiser are generated. The estimated cost is a little complicated as performance fee + initial cost + ASP fee. The advantage of affiliate advertising is that it can be placed at low cost. The disadvantage is that even if you do not get results, you will incur initial costs and monthly usage fees.

Social media advertising:

For ads on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., the estimated cost is around 1 to 200 yen per click. The merit is that it has a word-of-mouth effect, has diffusive power, and is easy to target. The disadvantage is the time and effort of operation such as budget adjustment and bid adjustment.

Event promotion:

This is a promotion activity that holds events related to products and services and publicizes them. The estimated cost is the actual cost. The merit is that the features of the product and the merit are directly transmitted.Click here. The disadvantage is that there are many uncertainties, such as the burden of preparation such as location and arrangement of people, and the fact that success or failure depends on the number of mobilization, weather, etc.