August 9, 2022


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3 benefits of an office cleaning checklist (2020)

Office cleaning is a service that supports the creation of a comfortable office space by performing office cleaning such as regular cleaning, building maintenance, and maintenance.Office cleaning London and Regular cleaning of commercial air conditioners, carpet cleaning, floor cleaning, etc. can minimize large expenses due to hygiene and aging.

Air conditioner cleaning:

It is dangerous to leave the air conditioner cleaned. The cause of the unpleasant odor at the moment when the air conditioner is turned on is the growth of mold fungi. If left in this state, not only will the electricity bill be wasted due to clogging, but it will also cause allergies and other illnesses.

Air conditioner cleaning is a service in which professional staff cleans the inside using a special original detergent with a sterilizing effect and a special high-pressure cleaning.

Floor cleaning:

Flooring is delicate and improper care can damage the floor. Therefore, it is safer to ask professional staff for cleaning. In the floor cleaning service, dirt is lifted and removed with chemicals and equipment suitable for the floor material, so dirt can be removed without damaging the floor.

Carpet cleaning:

The inside of the carpet hair is an environment where heat and humidity tend to accumulate and mites can easily breed. By cleaning to remove mites and applying anti-tick treatment, it is possible to keep mites away. In cleaning, a large washing tub is filled with a cleaning solution and soaked in to clean the hair, so even dirt on the roots of the hair can be removed.

Window / sash cleaning:

It removes dirt, tar, and sand dust on the glass, as well as mold caused by condensation. If you use the service, you can get rid of even the finest dirt on the sashes and rails that are difficult to clean.

Toilet / washroom cleaning:

Toilets and washrooms that employees use every day tend to collect dirt. Carefully clean the area around the toilet bowl and faucet, as well as the hidden areas such as mirrors and cabinets. Cleanly removes stubborn stains that are difficult to remove with normal cleaning.In addition, some vendors offer a “stain prevention coat” as an optional service, which makes it harder for stains to adhere and makes daily maintenance easier.

Furniture cleaning:

Some people may have given up on dirty sofas and chairs. Also, the chair is dirty, even if it is not dirty for the purpose of looking at it. It is difficult to do furniture cleaning by yourself, but professional skills can do it. It is beautifully finished so that it can be mistaken for special equipment and detergent.

Fluorescent lamp cleaning:

Cleaning of many fluorescent lamps, which are installed in high places, is difficult. However, if you do not clean it, the original brightness of the fluorescent lamp will not come out. If you request fluorescent lamp cleaning, the original brightness of the fluorescent lamp will be restored, which will lead to energy saving.

Sterilization cleaning service:

The disinfection and cleaning service is attracting attention due to the influence of the new coronavirus. Since the sterilization and cleaning service has a high sterilization effect and a deodorant effect, it can sterilize and deodorize pet odors, living odors, hospitals, nursing care and welfare facilities, etc. It is not a service that guarantees the removal of all viruses and bacteria, but it is a popular service.