Microsoft Unveils PeopleLens- A Technology to Help Blind People See

ByPhyllis R. Edwards

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Microsoft unveiled various AI technologies at their annual Ignite conference. Among all of them, one of the most interesting is an AI system known as “PeopleLens”.

PeopleLens is a platform for blind people that uses computer vision algorithms to help them interact with their social environment. The system is designed in such a way that it can recognize and interpret objects around the person and relay these details again to the person in a manner that they can understand.

The technology has come up as a hope for blind people, who were not socially interactive until now. They can now be part of conversations, can navigate their surroundings, and experience the world in a way they never did or imagined.

Microsoft Unveils PeopleLens 2

What is PeopleLens?

PeopleLens is Microsoft’s latest AI technology for blind people to help them interact with social environment. PeopleLens is a computer vision system that uses machine learning algorithms. The main aim of the invention is to make blind people socially engaged and independent.

When was PeopleLens discovered and how does it work?

PoepleLens was developed by a team of Microsoft engineer and computer scientists over two years. The team used various images marked with labels indicating the presence of objects and people. After this, they used deep learning algorithms to train a computer vision model that could easily identify these labels in new images.

Microsoft Unveils PeopleLens 1

Working of PoepleLens

The PeopleLens platform comprises of a cloud-based service and a wearable device. The gadget captures photos of the surroundings and send those to the cloud-based service, where they are processed by the machine learning algorithms. This data is then used to produce descriptions of the atmosphere sent back to the wearable device.

Benefits of using PeopleLens

PeopleLens has several benefits and these are:

  • It helps blind people to be independent and engage with their social surrounding
  • It is an open-ended AI system which can be used for various other applications also
  • The person using the technology gets information about the objects and people around them.
  • It helps in navigation, and identifying objects

In addition to these, the technology can also be useful in creating more accessible products, buildings, and other environments.

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