September 26, 2022


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Important Things You Need To Understand About Dedicated Server hosting

For those of you who frequently access the internet, you must be familiar with the term website. If you are going to manage a website or blog, you will usually be directed to choose between free hosting or paid hosting. If you want to create a professional and trustworthy site, then using dedicated server hosting is the best option for you. Free hosting will indeed not charge you a monthly fee, but the limitations of free hosting make web masters interested in using a much higher quality Dedicated server. The term dedicated server cannot be separated from hosting, because basically, dedicated server hosting is one part of the hosting service. In this article, we will discuss what dedicated server hosting is and its main benefits for your website.

Dedicated Server hosting is a type of hosting that gives users complete freedom to use the server to its full potential. By using this hosting server service you can access all data on the server more easily. As we know that hosting service providers compete with each other in providing dedicated server services. For those of you who are not so related to hosting, maybe you are still confused and don’t really know the term Dedicated Server Hosting in the world of websites. To make this easier, here are the important things you need to know about dedicated server hosting.

1. Definition of dedicated server hosting

Dedicated Hosting is a hosting service managed by a hosting provider, where users can rent an entire server so that you will get full access to a server. This will give you more advantages than when a professional website only uses regular Shared Hosting. Because in one server there is only one hosting account and we are free to use it according to our wants and needs. Dedicated Server Hosting is in great demand because it has a higher level of security than just shared hosting. Because an account actually occupies a server itself, without being shared with third parties. If we use Dedicated Hosting services we have to pay more expensive than ordinary Shared Hosting. In terms of maintenance and maintenance costs, all of them will be borne by the user and the Dedicated Hosting provider will be responsible for managing the hardware and the network used. As per the definition and use of a Dedicated Server, not everyone needs this server. Usually, this dedicated server hosting service is used by large companies with very large databases with complex management.

2. Advantages and Disadvantages Using Dedicated Server Hosting

Each server hosting service has its advantages and disadvantages, as well as dedicated server hosting, below we will provide an explanation of the advantages and disadvantages of dedicated server hosting.

The advantages of a dedicated server

1. More Stable

By using a Dedicated Server you will avoid the risk of interference or negative actions from other users because you are already on your own server, unlike the Shared Hosting service.

2. Have Full Access to the Server

You will get full Administrator access for Windows Server and Root access for Linux Server.

3. Free to Manage Servers

You will have the flexibility to manage the server independently and be able to install the OS and software you want, do custom configuration, Firewall and Server Data Backup.

4. Priority Customers

By using a dedicated server service your other advantages will be prioritized in terms of service and technical support. usually handled by a special support team that is different from the Shared Hosting service.

5. For Special Needs

Dedicated Server for those of you who have a website with high traffic. Usually suitable for large companies with complex needs, with guarantees of confidentiality and data security.

The disadvantages of using a dedicated server?

1. Costs

The costs incurred for Dedicated Server services are, of course, more expensive than shared hosting services, but are comparable to the features and facilities you get.

2. Knowledge

Another disadvantage of using a Dedicated Server is that users must understand the performance and control of the server and you must really learn data management using a dedicated server before renting it. This is very important so that you can fully manage your dedicated server. Because there are many settings in various applications that must be understood and applied.

The article above discusses the understanding of what dedicated server hosting is and the advantages and disadvantages of using this service. From here you can start to decide whether to use regular Shared Hosting or want to switch to Dedicated Hosting which will make your website more professional and premium too. Currently many hosting providers also offer this service, one of which in India is Hosting King which we recommend to support your business activities. For more details, you can visit the site