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The first theme we will discuss under the theme of “Easy to understand! E-commerce marketing” is “What is e-commerce marketing?”Due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, we are gradually and realistically shifting to a new lifestyle.The development of humankind has advanced the progress of civilization with the cooperation of many people. On top of that, communication is indispensable.However, if we become aware of the behavior of avoiding denseness, face-to-face communication will have to change as before.Meanwhile, everyday standards are changing.In particular, there have been overt changes in consumer purchasing behavior.As we were forced to refrain from going out, the ratio of online purchases increased.

In other words, the needs for EC marketing have accelerated.

Online purchasing activities have been firmly established in the world before Corona, but the influence of Corona has further increased its existence value.As a company, it became necessary to take concrete measures in response to changes in trends in the world.”Marketing strategy” is the key as a management strategy in modern business.There are various ways of thinking and approach to “marketing strategy” depending on the type of industry, industry, and each company.And you need to choose the best strategy for each individual. If you apologize for your choice, the outcome of your marketing efforts will change dramatically.Is it related to “online”, which is a modern trend, or “e-commerce marketing”?

There are various platforms already online as existing services.

As a strategy of “e-commerce marketing”, not only can you expect an increase in profits by utilizing an online platform, but you can also brand.Specific actions that companies aim to brand include campaigns and display advertisements.These are an online version of the traditional marketing method.In other words, it hasn’t changed as a basic marketing method.Furthermore, there are marketing methods unique to the Web such as affiliate marketing and drop thinning on the Internet.The existence of “blogs” is the key to providing information online.

The existence of a Graafinen suunnittelu “blog” is really effective as a means of directly spreading the values of products and services to general users.There are various forms of running “blogs”, both individuals and groups, but the value of the existence of individual blogs cannot be overlooked as a marketing field element.As a popular blogger, he has a great deal of value and role as an influencer, so he has a great deal of voice and influence on the general public.

Also, even if each blogger is not well known, if similar information is disseminated on multiple blogs, it will become a big whirlpool and form a trend.It’s easy to understand if you look at a blog as an example, but not only can anyone do this kind of use case of “e-commerce marketing”, but it can also be done at no cost.In short, “e-commerce marketing” has the potential to succeed, depending on how you do it.Easy to understand! E-commerce marketing

Online purchasing process:

The next topic under the theme of “Easy to understand! E-commerce marketing” is “Online purchasing process”.In conducting “e-commerce marketing,” it is also important to understand the unique characteristics of online and understand the current situation.Understanding customer purchasing behavior is important in real marketing, but it is also necessary to understand online customer purchasing behavior in “e-commerce marketing.”By knowing and analyzing the process of purchasing a customer on an EC site, you can change the approach depending on the type of customer.

The process up to the purchase of a customer in specific EC marketing has the following four elements.

Attracting customers.




Understanding each process will enable us to take the best approach for consumers.

The first is attracting customers.

The field of attracting customers in “e-commerce marketing” is the company’s own site (EC site).

First of all, you have to call on the site to talk.

Naturally, it is necessary to raise the awareness of the site and give it a presence, and it is necessary to make consumers aware of it.”It exists on the site.” This is important.When you are looking for a product or service, it is important to have your company’s product or service discovered first from the search, and then to get to the site as a gateway.This is the process of attracting customers and inflowing.”Search” is the start of the act of getting consumers to find it.If you think about it from the consumer’s point of view, when you have something you want, you first search for it on your smartphone, right?This is the first step in the consumer purchasing process.And what consumers are unknowingly aware of is the “search keyword.

Click here.”Here, the most important thing in “e-commerce marketing” is this “search keyword”.This search keyword is a very effective means to provide information according to related keywords such as listing advertisements and banner advertisements.SEO measures are important for EC sites, but this is necessary from attracting customers to influx.Assuming that online will accelerate further, the importance of “e-commerce marketing” will further increase and the entire EC industry will grow.