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How to find your Skype ID


Your Skype ID, also acknowledged as Skype name, is a unique identifier that Skype generates for you when you develop an account. You can share your ID to make it less complicated for others to find you, and you can use it to come across other contacts. It is not the most apparent information and facts when you log in to Skype, nevertheless. Here’s how to obtain your Skype ID.

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Quick Response

To come across your Skype ID, simply click on your profile icon at the major left corner and go to Skype profile. You will see your Skype ID in the Skype name segment. (Your Skype ID is the exact as your Skype identify). It will search like dwell.cid:(string of figures and letters). Retain in thoughts that your Skype ID/title is unique from your Skype show identify.

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How to locate my Skype ID on the desktop app

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To uncover your Skype ID on the desktop application, faucet on the profile picture icon at the top left corner and go to Skype profile. Your ID is the similar as your Skype identify. It will glimpse like dwell.cid:(string of numbers and letters).

How to find my ID on the Skype mobile app

You can comply with the very same measures to obtain your Skype name/ID on the mobile app. Tap on your profile icon at the major, go to Skype profile, and you will see your Skype identify/ID.

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You will not be capable to adjust your Skype name/ID. The only way to get a new ID is to develop a new account. Retain in mind that this is diverse from your Skype display title, which you can edit.

Sure, the Skype identify that you see on your profile webpage is the very same as your Skype ID. It’s distinctive from your Skype display identify, which is what many others see during a get in touch with. You can edit your display identify but not your ID.

To share your Skype ID, click on your profile icon at the prime left corner and go to Skype profile. Click on on Share profile to copy your Skype ID or mail it to another person via email.


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