How Does Cloud Web Hosting Guarantee Data Security?

Cloud Hosting in India is a relatively new entrant in the web hosting space. It is fast, secure and almost infinitely scalable. It has a different infrastructure from the rest of the hosting platforms. It uses multiple servers to host your website data. Cloud Server Hosting is becoming quite popular as site owners are discovering its advantages. And fast Cloud Hosting is not as expensive as you would think, given its number of features.

So, Cloud Hosting is fast and scalable. But what about data security? Well, you don’t have to worry about security with Cloud Hosting. It is one of the most secure hosting platforms available today, considerably more than the traditional hosting plans

With the right Cloud Hosting plan, your data is secure behind multiple layers of security. But it goes one step further and guarantees the safety of your website data. Additionally, you can opt for cPanel web hosting to keep a close eye on the hosting setup and security.

Let’s see how Cloud Hosting guarantees data security.

1. Easy resource scaling

Scaling is the ability of a hosting platform to grow or shrink on demand, as per a site’s requirement. Cloud Hosting makes it very easy to scale up your resources as the situation mandates. Since it has the resources of multiple servers at its disposal, it can scale almost limitlessly. When it can scale so easily, it can never crash due to a shortage of resources. Less crashes translate into a lesser risk of data loss due to an unstable hosting environment.

2. Data redundancy

Since Cloud Hosting uses multiple servers to create a hosting environment, it can store copies of your website data on multiple servers. This is done primarily to take the pressure off any single server and to boost performance and ensure high data redundancy. As a happy side-effect, it ensures data security in the process. If any one of the servers goes down, your website still remains up and running as your data is safe on multiple other servers.

3. DDoS protection

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) is one of the scariest forms of cyberattacks that disables your hosting server. It sends a constant barrage of traffic to your server until it gets overwhelmed, runs out of resources and crashes. But a Cloud Hosting setup is simply too large to be overwhelmed by a DDoS attack. On other platforms, by the time a DDoS attack is detected, it is usually too late. But in Cloud Hosting, a site owner can easily detect and mitigate a DDoS attack before it can take down the hosting server.

4. Robust security measures

Last but not the least, Cloud Hosting is protected by the latest security measures that are layered for better protection. Starting with the firewall, the list of protective measures can get quite comprehensive. A good firewall can be really effective in keeping out malware and unwanted traffic. Anything that sneaks through is taken care of by the up-to-date anti-malware protection. 

Security measures also include automated backup systems which store backups at a remote location for added security. The backups can be easy retrieved in case of an emergency. It is yet another way in which Cloud Hosting ensures data security.

Cloud Hosting is a well-rounded hosting platform. It is fast, scalable, and can even withstand a DDoS attack. With a robust infrastructure, it offers consistently high performance under various traffic conditions.