August 16, 2022


Software Development

How can a Certified Web Developer Help you with your First Shopify Store?


The influence of the digital world in our everyday lives is indisputable in the present scenario. From the increase in social media users to the rate of online purchases, the internet has come to occupy a central aspect of our worldview. This has seen a consequent shift of the retail business to the digital platform. In a data report published by Statista, worldwide online sales are expected to hit the 6.5 billion dollar mark by 2023.

In taking your business to the online mode, there is no reason why you should be left behind in this competitive market, and consulting a web development company can help you get just the breakthrough that you need. Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency can help you navigate the complex world of e-commerce and receive desired results from your Shopify account to make your business thrive.

Here’s why you should consult a certified Web Developer for your first Shopify store:

●    Visually-appealing website customization

One of the initial impressions that your potential customers will receive about your shop is from the visual appeal of the website. Thus, it is essential to devote a substantial amount of thought to the graphics and layout of your site, a job fit for professional agencies such as Web Design Agency Columbus Ohio.

You can install one of the many Shopify themes and even modify it a little for your website. But a professional web designer will be able to customize an article that will best reflect the vision and ideas behind your business.

If your shop is themed uniquely with distinct visual characteristics, not only will the user be tempted to engage further, but it will also leave a lasting impression in the mind of the user. Your business will be able to stand out by its difference and distinctness, which will be immediately identifiable to customers. This will boost sales and help convert prospective customers.

●    Handling the technical nitty-gritty

A marketing agency possesses the necessary expertise to manage the technical aspects of your Shopify store. A professional agency can assist you in a range of tasks, from migrating your e-commerce shop from another platform to Shopify while restoring all data to adding new features to your website to ease user experience. A Web developer with SEO expertise can also apply advanced filtering and searching techniques to help find products more quickly on your page. This results in a more satisfactory user experience and helps drive customer conversions faster.

Experienced agencies like Marketing Agency Columbus Ohio can help strategize marketing techniques to boost awareness about your shop amidst an environment of competition. In short, a web development agency is equipped to handle multiple aspects of your e-commerce shop, from design and layout to promotion to blogging services and website management, which are best left to professional hands as they require specialized knowledge.

●    Time-effective

Setting up an online store or managing an already existing store requires looking after a range of demanding tasks. You have to be prompt about responding to customer queries, monitoring the inventory, processing payments, setting prices on items, managing social media marketing, and so on.

As professionals at Columbus Website Design rightly observe, handing over the heavy technical aspects to a web development company will allow you to spend sufficient time promoting your shop and reaching out to a broader customer base.

The way to a sustainable and thriving initiative is to strategize and compartmentalize work among professional individuals with specialized niches. It is no different with your e-commerce shop. While an expert company will look after your website’s development, you can devote time to other aspects of the store that demand your undivided attention.

Here are a few things you should remember before and while consulting a Web Developer:

●    Making an Informed Decision

Before hiring a Certified Web Developer for your Shopify store, you should do your bit of research. You might be over-eager to jumpstart your e-commerce store, but a decision made in haste can ruin your business prospects.

According to the team of Website Development Company Columbus, entrusting your Shopify store’s responsibility to a Web Developer entails a significant decision as they will be in charge of directly influencing the outcome of your store in terms of website development and management, maintenance, and security issues.

Look out for referrals from known Shopify merchants who have established their businesses.

But more importantly, make sure to run a careful scan of case studies and portfolios of Web management companies who have sufficient prior experience in developing a Shopify store. Assessing customer feedback and consulting previous customers for reference can be a veritable way of gaining insight into a web developer’s work to make an informed decision.

●    Laying out the Project Scope

It is essential to clear certain things with the Digital Marketing Agency at the very outset. You have to be clear about the exact nature of the work you want to be done, the amount of work done and setting a specific period of the same accordingly. This is called laying out the project’s scope, and this needs to be communicated to the Shopify web developer before venturing upon the task. Make sure that they can fulfill your demands and provide results within the period specified by you.

●    Maintaining Communication and Transparency

You should choose a web development company whose agents will respond to your inquiries and communicate work-related updates periodically. As the shop merchant, you will have a definite business vision that the agent will bring to life. This translation of idea to action will necessitate transparent communication from time to time.

Make sure to sit with them through different production stages and take updates on the progress of the work. It is essential to supervise the work, maintain regular communication, and ensure that deadlines are met, and results are obtained.


A sincere agency with specialized knowledge can help you flourish your e-commerce store and achieve business goals faster and more efficiently. Not only will a trusted company like Web Design Agency Columbus Ohio, provide the 24*7 help and assistance you need, but also qualitatively improve your business foundation and aid you in all front-end tasks and optimizations for your Shopify store.