Apple, recently joined the Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions (ATIS) which is a founding member of the Next G Alliance. Which they are formed to become a unit in advancing communication or cellular technology.

Apple, which just released its newest smartphone product for a few months, Buy iPhone 12 pro max, also took part in this. Given that the latest smartphone released has been using the first 5G network.

Apple still contributes to creating 6G network technology. This is based on Apple itself, which is a technology-based company in the world that is committed to advancing information technology, communication and cellular technology.

So that people are increasingly aware of technology and become a modern society that is no longer unfamiliar with technology and all its developments.

As part of the Next G Alliance, Apple is committed to setting a direction in advancing North American mobile technology in the future. New members of the Next G Alliance who will join later, will join AT&T as well. Apart from Apple and Google, several other technology companies will also join forces to collaborate on the development and advancement of world cellular technology.