October 6, 2022


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Extruded Resin FDM Printing (With Lasers!)


At this point, 3D printers are almost in all places. Faculties, hackerspaces, residence workshops, you identify it. Most of these devices are of the extruded-filament wide variety, improved known as FDM or Fused Deposition Modelling. More than the past handful of many years, low-cost Lcd printers have brought resin printing to quite a few stores as perfectly. Lcd printers, like their DLP and SLA counterparts, use ultraviolet mild to cure liquid resin. These devices are normally praised for the tremendous-substantial detail they can realize, but are realllly gradual. And messy —  liquid resin will get just about everywhere and sticks to every thing.

We’re not particularly what [Jón Schone] of Suitable Printing was wondering when he set out to transform a vintage printer to use resin rather of filament, but it experienced to be one thing together the lines of “Can you make FDM printing just as messy as Lcd printing?”

It turns out you can. His really well-documented investigate method is demonstrated in the movie underneath, and exhibits his layout procedure, from preliminary concept to pretty much-kinda-doing the job prototype. As you might count on, extruding a substantial-viscosity liquid at a controlled rate and laser-curing it is not an quick endeavor, but [Jón] produced a great attempt. From creating and creating his very own peristaltic pump, to sending a UV laser as a result of fiber-optic cables, he explored a ton of distinct techniques to earning the printer do the job. Even though he may possibly not have been 100% successful, the video is a good reminder that not all initiatives have to go the way we hope they will. Even so, he’s optimistic, and mentioned that he has a handful of strategies to refine the structure (and welcomes any enter from the community). This is not even the only new and fascinating approach to resin printing we have seen in the past couple months, so we share [Jón]’s optimism that the FDM Resin Printer will work (sometime, at minimum).

Many thanks to [Baldpower] for the idea!


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