October 6, 2022


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Differences between Laser Printer and Inkjet

Differences between Laser Printer and Inkjet

Differences between Laser Printer and Inkjet

When it comes to making the right choice of printer and Toner Buzz to buy, it’s usually between a laser printer and the traditional Inkjet. The differences between these two printers aren’t clear, leaving many confused, not knowing which to purchase. In this post, we will help you understand the main differences between the Laser Printer and Inkjet, and you can find more printer companies reviews.


When it comes to making purchases, saving money is crucial. Although Laser printers are generally more expensive than Inkjet upfront, they are more cost-effective over time. They come with cartridges with higher capacities and efficiency. The cartridges cannot dry out and will not leave you with an unusable cartridge. If you buy a Laser printer, you will not need to keep buying consumables as often as with an inkjet.

Inkjet printers are generally cheaper upfront, but the cost of maintenance is high in the long run. For this reason, Inkjet printers are not suitable for business purposes because they will increase your expenses. They are better suited for home and personal use.

Productivity and efficiency

Laser printers are well suited for business purposes, as they can increase your efficiency and productivity. High spec models like the Lexmark A4 Color Printer can offer a print speed of 58 pages per minute with a paper sheet capacity of 550 sheets. This means that you can print double the number of sheets in half a minute. Inkjet printers, on the other hand, have a print speed of about 30 pages per minute, making them less proactive and efficient than their Laser printer counterparts.

With laser printers, you will no longer experience delays in work, all thanks to the high level of reliability the laser printer models offer. With laser printers, expect lesser downtimes, and therefore increase in overall productivity.

Inkjet printers are smaller than the laser printers and have smaller motors, which limits the level of operation it offers. They have slower printing rates and thus may reduce your level of efficiency and productivity.

Economic Benefits

There are certain sustainability guidelines that every business must adhere to for maximum growth and productivity. This may be a difficult task for printing. If you buy a laser printer like the Kyocera Color Laser printer, you’ll enjoy benefits such as auto double-sided printing and scanning, which help to reduce paper consumption by 50%. Solid Ink printers are comparable to laser printers and do not need large cartridges. They have less packaging and produce up to 95% less waste than laser printer consumables. You can visit Gamma direct routing

Inkjet printers offer small footprints and can also use ink cartridges quickly, which results in much waste. Therefore if you want to purchase an inkjet printer for your business, we recommend you get an ink recycling model to ensure you’re meeting up with your sustainability guidelines.


Most people believe that a printer is a printer and that all types of printers can deliver the same results. This is not exactly the case. For example, if you run a printing business that produces heavy materials like marketing flyers, then laser printers are your best options as they will give you the best quality.

However, if you need a printer that will print natural looking images, then the Inkjet printers are your best options as they give you better color definitions.

You have seen some of the differences between laser printers and Inkjet printers. Our topmost recommendation for printers for business and office use remains laser printers.