October 6, 2022


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Attorney Marketing: No One WANTS to Talk to You…They NEED to Talk to You! -  Esquire Marketing Group

Marketing for attorneys communications Suppress the way of thinking peculiar to the digital field and learn the essence of marketing that marketers should have in the future (practical skills to think online and offline in an integrated manner) by case method.In marketing, a balance between academic theory and work experience is important. And with the spread of the Internet, the marketing environment has changed dramatically and traditional marketing ideas are no longer valid. In this course, we aim to acquire practical skills that marketers who can handle online and offline in an integrated manner, which will be required in the future, will be required while suppressing the way of thinking peculiar to the digital field. Of the many theories, we will only deal with business-effective theories derived from the instructor’s practical experience and academic research.While working as a lawyer, there are many people who are worried about sales, such as “I spend too much time on sales and I do not have enough practical time” and “I can not find a partner who can do business”. Is it not? In this article, I will introduce you to digital marketing, which not only reduces the burden on sales, but also has the potential to increase the number of contracts closed over sales.

If you are a lawyer who is having trouble with sales activities, please read it because it introduces how to do digital marketing because digital marketing for attorneys is effective for the issues that lawyers have.

Why a lawyer needs a business.

Some lawyers may not know exactly why they have to do business directly. This time, I will explain the reasons in two main ways.

Need to acquire new customers:

If you become independent as a lawyer, you don’t have a customer from the moment you start. Also, even if you belong to a law firm, the customer you are in charge of may sell and acquire it yourself. There is no set method for acquiring new customers, but it is common to open a business and get as many customers as possible to recognize it.

The number of lawyers continues to grow:

The number of lawyers in Japan is increasing year by year. This means that new customers in the lawyer industry are getting harder every year. As the number of lawyers increases, the number of customers per lawyer naturally decreases. In addition, the proportion of women is increasing year by year, indicating that the diversity of lawyers is also expanding. Therefore, it is necessary to acquire a limited number of customers by doing business except for lawyers who belong to offices where the person in charge is automatically decided.

Lawyer sales are difficult:

The reason why it is difficult for lawyers to sell is that the image of the occupation of “lawyer” does not match the sales. Let’s see why the lawyer and the business are not in line.

Lawyers are required to have goods:

When doing business, it may be necessary in some cases to stick to customers who are not enthusiastic and to actively promote their merits. However, sometimes customers call us “teachers,” and it is difficult for a lawyer who has the image of being close to the customer to do such an act. There are times when business negotiations are broken due to the difference in image, and there are many lawyers who are not good at conducting business with such enthusiasm in the first place. Since the lawyer knows that he has such an image, he refrains from doing so, and in some cases it does not work.