June 25, 2022


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9 essentials of an enticing wedding website

Creating a website prior to your wedding can be exciting for both you and your partner. However, it can only attract guests if the website design is creative and captivating.


Irrefutably, technology has become an integral part of everyone’s social life in recent times. It provides a space for individuals to stay connected seamlessly. In current times, the effects of technological advancements can be seen in weddings too. We are talking about the growing trend of creating wedding websites. Yes, you heard it right- Wedding Websites!

Website Design Company says that the demand for personalized wedding websites has increased recently as a functional website serves as a wedding invitation and comprises other things related to the couple and the event. The big day’s countdown begins with creating a wedding website, and everyone starts getting the wedding feels. 

Elements that make a wedding website stand out

Responsive design

The website design should be done according to the theme that is quick and easy to set up. The design should be simple yet elegant, and basic things like placing images, changing colours, etc., should be user-friendly.

Another significant aspect to consider is that the website should easily accessible on mobile phones. The importance of a mobile-friendly website is tremendous in the age of mobility as 25-60% of search engine traffic comes from mobile phones.

If you can provide a mobile application option, things will get more convenient for you and the guests.

Precise information

The essential information regarding the wedding, such as the background of the couple getting married, the wedding date and time, the event venue, RSVP date, etc., should be put on the homepage so that the guest can easily refer back to them whenever desired. The guests should not be overloaded with the information on your website. A useful template to know how to incorporate details with simplicity is the Aubrey and Paul template from Squarespace.

Guestlist and to-do-list

Website Design Company in Kolkata, India, insists on having an option of a guest list to make it easier for the couple to send invitations. Another crucial thing for the organizers is the to-do-list section. It enables the organizers not to lose sight of the things to be done and makes wedding planning easy.


Tracking the number of guests can be time-consuming. Including the RSVP can be rewarding. In the RSVP section, the guests can confirm their arrival with just a few clicks, and the organizers can get clarification.

RSVP section also allows you to ask questions regarding the food choices, lodging, guest expectations, etc., if you are looking for inspiration.

The benefits are many; therefore, it is important to include the RSVP section on your wedding website. Make sure the RSVP section is easily accessible and that the RSVP date is mentioned.

Photo and video corner

A wedding website without a photo and video section is like a pancake without any toppings or syrup.

This section makes the website more engaging and appealing; therefore, organizers should have the option of adding photos and videos from websites like Vimeo, YouTube, etc. 

Having the option of adding filters to the videos and photos is a bonus. Images tend to be the most engaging type of content, with an 87% interaction rate.

SEO optimization

SEO is an essential part of every website. Therefore, the organizers must hire an outstanding SEO Company to optimize the wedding website for search engines. It will enable the friends and family to find the website in search results quickly.

Social media sharing

What fun is there in not sharing your amazing photos on social media platforms? None, absolutely none. Therefore, having a social media sharing option on the wedding website or mobile application is a prerequisite in today’s world. According to data, the top three social media platforms used during wedding planning are- Pinterest (89%), Instagram (38%), and Facebook (38%)

Chat feature

According to an eminent Web Development Company, including the chat section on the wedding website is crucial. People have many gossips during and after the wedding so there should be space where they can communicate easily and share their wedding experiences. 

Privacy settings

As far as privacy is concerned, special care must be taken. Wedding website builders like The Knot offer excellent options when it comes to privacy settings. Privacy and password protection must be provided to the organizers as it enables only the authorized users to access the information on the website.


Website Design Company says that a useful wedding website enables you to plan your wedding without any confusion and interruptions. So, it should be planned carefully.